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Shannon G - 6 months ago - Penticton - Public
Hello, I am organized, reliable, extremely customer oriented.Extensive eye for detail. Ready to go at a moment's notice
Maria G - 7 months ago - Vernon - Public
Stacey T. did a great job of our home. Worked very hard to make our house fresh and very clean. thanks!
Stacey T: Thank you Marja it was a pleasure meeting you and helping you. Thanks for welcoming me into your home. See you in a couple weeks! 7 months ago - Vernon
Sara F - 9 months ago - Kelowna - Public

Hello Customer and Cleaners, 

Please be advised we will be out of the office until Tuesday, September 3 at 9 am. Happy Labour Day Weekend!


Stephanie K - 10 months ago - Kelowna - Public
Angela does a great job, always smiling and on time!
Terri P - 10 months ago - Kelowna - Public
Tamara is an excellent, very efficient, thorough, hard working and cheerful house cleaner. She is the best cleaner I have ever had!
Jill T - 10 months ago - Vernon - Public
Cleaner was on time and had a clean appearance but lacked motivation, as she lagged terribly while on the job. Dishes were put away greasy and dirty! Floors were not done as asked!! I was very disappointed in this service. Decided to try again with a different cleaner and still no luck with local maids! Half the job wasn’t completed, they had me pay anyway. I called in as well and no luck. Hope others find this service to be more helpful than I did
Sara F: Hello Jill, thank you for your feedback. We will contact you this afternoon . 10 months ago - Kelowna
Sara F: Friendly Reminder, as noted our Customer Service hours are, Monday - Friday 9am-4pm, No weekends or Holidays. 10 months ago - Kelowna
Kay W - 10 months ago - Kelowna - Public
I am disgusted. About a month ago I had DB who did a terrible job. You offered to send her back but I didn’t want her back because she lied to me. You said you would refund my money but it’s been over a month and I still haven’t received it. I realize now that paying for a service before you get it is a very bad idea. I live at the Verve and have spread the word and will continue to do so until I receive compensation. Shame on your company that I am reduced to these tactics!
Sara F: Hi Kay, we appreciate your feedback. It is the customers judgement at the time of booking to choose how many hours they require the cleaner for. Unfortunately we can't unschedule the cleaner's entire day in case an appointment may or may not take more time. In this case, the cleaner did come and do the work in the given time you had booked her for, but due to her schedule, she was unable to stay longer after the time expired. The cleaner had also offered to return to finish the job which you had refused. The cleaner was there for the given length of time cleaning and deserves to be paid for it, so in this case there wouldn't be a refund and we have communicated this to you before. LocalMaid is an on-demand marketplace for cleaners and we do provide as much transparency on who the cleaners are including customer reviews and a variety of stats to help customers make an informed decision when booking through the LocalMaid platform. It's then the customers discretion if they would like to book with the cleaner through LocalMaid. Considering LocalMaid's policy, the cleaner did spend the given time there and deserves to be paid for it. We wish you all the best 10 months ago - Kelowna
Jasmine R - 11 months ago - Kelowna - Public
Apologies in advance - my availability will waver sporadically as I am away in Europe this summer for a few weeks as well as I hold a full time job. I look forward to more shifts later this summer. Thanks!
Chris R - 11 months ago - Kelowna - Public
Tamara showed up a couple minutes early, wasted no time, and did a great job.
Tamara D: Thank you so much Chris! Hope to see you guys again :) 11 months ago - Kelowna
Abegail S - 1 year ago - Kelowna - Public
Some won't appreciate you no matter how much you do for them. Release yourself. Go where you’re appreciated and understood.